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About Us

I first set up my own bookselling business in the 1970s, when I was working for Paul Minet's business Piccadilly Rare Books in London.  Paul had no section in his shop on Classical Studies or Ancient History, so I provided it, paying Paul a commission on the books sold.

In 1984 Paul decided to close Piccadilly Rare Books – the new rent for the building was impossible – and moved the business to Rochester.  As I was firmly based in London, I had to find another job.  I decided to re-train as a lawyer, and my book business, now much more widely-based, helped pay for my training.  (Yes, we had student loans even then!).  I exhibited at book fairs and issued catalogues.

When I qualified as a solicitor in 1988 I found there was no time left to devote to bookselling - by then I had a wife, two children and a mortgage - so reluctantly I had to close the business down.

In the intervening period I still found it impossible to pass a bookshop without going in, and it was only in the last five years of my employment that I regarded myself as a solicitor, rather than as a bookseller slumming to pay the mortgage.

The law firm I joined expanded out of all recognition, and developed a Byzantine bureaucracy of staggering complexity.  I finally became tired of filling in time-sheets, and deleting endless internal e-mails.  Besides, I think 21 years is quite enough time to spend in any job.  I decided to leave and re-activate my bookselling business, this time using the internet.

It's good to be back.